David Burke

EdTech Consultant

EdTech Consulting and event management.

I have extensive experience in both international and Australian schools where I have worked in roles such as Dean of Technology and Innovation, Assistant Principal, EdTech Coach/Coordinator, primary homeroom teacher as well as many other responsibilities. Please see my LinkedIn profile for my full career experience.

After almost two decades in education, I now offer my services to those interested in making use of my expertise, network, knowledge and skills – be it EdTech companies or school groups.

What I can offer EdTech companies:

  • Advice from a school administrator’s point of view
  • Thoughts as an EdTech coordinator
  • Feedback from an educator’s point of view
  • Links and exposure to my broader professional network

Additionally, I am interested in collaborating on education events.

Please get in touch if you are interested in working together or would simply like to have a chat. Let’s connect.

David Burke