This is a great feature to use for selective sharing of student work. Once set up, your students can choose to publish any work to the Seesaw class blog (with teacher approval) or the teacher can directly select any student work to publish to the blog… all in one click

This allows students to see each other’s blog posts, without seeing the entire contents of each other’s private Seesaw journals.

This document includes:

Section 1: Activate your Seesaw class blog

Section 2: Post to the Seesaw class blog

Section 3: Connect with other class blogs – coming at a later date

Section 1: Activate your Seesaw class blog:

  1. Inside Seesaw, click on the settings wrench/spanner in the top right corner

  1. When the settings open, scroll down to Class Blog…
  2. Switch on Enable blog…

And click Set up public blog.

  1. Now give your blog a name and web URL 

(e.g. Blog name “Homeroom 3.1 Burke” and blog URL “School3B2019-20”)

  1. Next turn on password protect blog and make a simple password (you can change at any time)…

By creating a password this protects against outside access to the public URL that the blog creates. Students will always be able to see the blog inside Seesaw without a password – seeing posts from their peers, and parents will see their child’s work as normal in the parent app. If you ever need to showcase the collective work on the blog, you can share the URL and password.

  1. Click the green arrow next to the Blog Settings heading…
  2. And you’re done.
  1. Students won’t need the URL to the blog, as they will now be able to access it inside Seesaw by clicking the new button Blog.

Section 2: Post to the Seesaw class blog

  1. Find an item you’d like to share…
  2. At the bottom of the item, click the globe icon.
  3. Click Publish to blog

Notes about use of the class blog

  • A teacher can share any student post, be it a response to a set activity or work posted in their journal, to the class blog.
  • Students can share any of their own work to the class blog, pending teacher approval.
  • Students can see everything in the class blog.
  • Parents will see only their own child’s work in the parent app.
  • Teachers may choose to share the public blog URL for parents/others to see everything in the blog (not the journals), thus the creation of the password in Section 1, step 5.

Section 3: Connecting to other class blogs

Coming at a later date.